Monday, October 24, 2016

The Great Acquisition

I promised myself that until I started painting my nails on a weekly basis again that I was not allowed to purchase more nail polish, however, these were given to my by my boyfriend when he discovered them in the extra bathroom from when his ex-wife and him originally separated and she moved out. So I graciously took them and decided to give them a home with me. Some of the colors aren't something I'll wear, after having tested them out, so I will pass them on to other friends. However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get my hands on some of the limited edition polishes that were found, so I snatched them up before they made their way to the garbage can.

There were 5 polishes I decided to let go of now that I have had them around for a few weeks. They are almost all purples, which doesn't completely surprise me because it's my least worn color and the one I am most picky about. The first color was a lilac iridescent color from Bon Bons, which I decided to pass on simply because it was not all that pigmented, and i figured my niece would enjoy it. Next up was a Wet N Wild Crystalic polish in Purple Puddle (9100-490) which was a deep purple with  a lot of silver and gold glitter in it. It just wasn't something I thought I would ever reach for over my other polishes. Next was another Wet N Wild in 417E Aubergine Givré. Again, it was a purple I just didn't see myself reaching for. Finally, there was a nail art bottle in a cobalt blue, which I didn't see myself using, since I use my nail art bottle specifically for doing french tips and I don't typically do blue tips. If I decide to do blue tips I can always use other polishes and a brush to get the same look.

I kept two clear coats, simply because they tend to go fast and I might as well have some extras lying around, one from Petites by Scherer and the other from NYC, especially if I didn't have to pay for them. I also kept a holographic top coat from Avon called Snow Globe.

I snagged the ever elusive Iced Orchid (954) from Pure Ice, which though half empty and very dried out, was revived and is now back in the working order. I kept 3 from Sinful Colors Let Me Go (322) Aqua (104) and Mercury Rising (860) a sheer purple and blue iridescent, a teal, and a deep oxblood red. Next were two Sally Hansen polishes in Pronto Purple (20) from the Insta-Dry line and Blue It (16) from the Xtreme Wear line a warm purple shimmer and a cobalt blue shimmer, respectively.I snagged Black Creme (424) from Wet N Wild as a back up for my own black polish, which I will be using as a base coat in the coming months for my darker polishes. Bleacher Blue (9100-491) from the Wet N Wild Crystalic line is a more pigmented blue based purple iridescent shade which looks fun for wintertime. I also kept NYC 115A a deeper cobalt shimmer with a bit more of a purple base.

The last few are extremely cool for me because I have never owned any polish from these brands, and most of them I haven;t heard of before now either. I have Irresistable Angel from Paper Doll which is a metallic silvery blue. Next, from a company called Liquid Euphoria I have a green based rainbow sheer polish in a shade called Dreamy. Then, from a brand called Artmatic I have 051 Burgundy, a beautiful deep, warm red. And finally from L.A. Girl a deep navy blue cream polish in 347 Vamp.

Hopefully having some new colors that interest me will help push me to paint my nails more often and get use out of what I already have.

Until Next Time... Stay Beautiful!

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