About Me

I'm a pretty pale girl, so pretty much every product I talk about will be for the super pale individuals of the world. I hate glitter with the passion of a thousand white hot suns. I'm not into wearing things with too much of a shine, but there are a few products that break that rule. I pretty much stick to drug store brands, but occasionally when there's something expensive I want I will splurge for it.

My hair is super dark brown. My favorite color to dye it is red, but at the moment it's extremely short so I can keep it healthy since I dyed it every month for years and made it dry and dead and brittle. It's cut in a pixie cut with the sides short and the top shaggy. Eventually I'll probably be shaving the sides off entirely, but I have to make sure I won't lose my day job first.

Please feel free to leave comments, or send me an email with anything you would like. (i.e. pictures of ideas you have for tutorials, or questions about products, or products you would like me to look into.) If I am able to answer it I will either email you back or post in my answered questions section, or maybe even both.

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