Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grin And Bare It

For the longest time now I have not had the time, or the will-power to make the time, to do my makeup. So, for the first few months in what has probably been years, I am indeed bearing all my natural, makeup-less, flawed, beautiful skin for the world to see. I must say it has been a weird feeling to suddenly have it all out there for everyone to see my every flaw and scar on my face, but eventually I will overcome it, or overcome my inability to put my makeup on every day. As for which of these will come first, your guess is as good as mine is.

I have plenty of idea of what I could do for makeup, just never enough hours in a day to do it. Send me a message with your go to look or product on a cold winter day and you may find yours posted in my answers page.