Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Perfume Trials

Over the years I've received various perfume samples with my orders from beauty companies. Though I've been hooked on my current perfume for years and I never wear anything else on the shelf, it felt like maybe it was time to try a few other options and see if I've picked the right one. I'll tell you what decision I came to at the end of the post, but for now here is the list of samples I tried.

Cotton T-shirt by Clean
Imari Mystique by Avon
Bali Bliss b Avon
Just Play by Avon
Far Away Dreams by Avon

Each of these perfumes were very different in scent profile from my normal perfume with Imari Mystique being more similar to my favorite perfume with musky and floral notes. Cotton T-shirt is a very subtle clean, fresh scent very different from my normal scent profile. It seems much more suited to someone who doesn't like floral or fruity perfumes. Just Play was a more fruity note with a clean and fresh finish somewhat similar to cotton T-shirt, also suitable for someone who doesn't like strong perfumes. Far Away Dreams was a very powdery fresh scent, almost like baby powder. Bali Bliss was a floral fresh scent

My perfume is a musky, slightly spicy, floral perfume from Avon and Fergie called Outspoken. I am completely in love with it after many trials of perfumes in the first few years of wearing perfume and buying makeup. The perfumes I've bought have all come from Avon or companies affiliated with them, like Mark. The only perfume close that I tried before Outspoken was Rebel Rose by Mark, which was a lovely musky, rose scent but it was missing something that Outspoken has which made me fall in love with it and made it my holy grail perfume for years now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Month's VoxBox: Sally Hansen

Airbrush Legs Makeup Smooth on Perfect Legs in Light

I was sent this product for free from Influenster and Sally Hansen as a VoxBox for trial and rating. I had no part in purchasing this item and I am also not being sponsored in return for a positive review.

I had thought of trying the original spray on version of this product, but was instead sent the cream version as part of the review program for Influenster. Unfortunately, I'm not very happy with the way the cream turned out on me, and it really turned me off to trying the spray can as well.

First, the color was tanner than I am, which would be fine if I intended to apply the product all over my body, but with how much darker than me it is it would be way too noticeable. Next, the color oxidized on my leg and turned very orange, looking like a very bad fake tan. It goes on very sheer as well which was unexpected considering the claim that it will make my legs perfect. It was unable to cover bruises and scars, and even worse it settled into my pores all over my legs making me look spotted. Also, It claims to be water resistant and to not transfer once set, but unfortunately when I applied it and left it to set for 5 minutes, at which point it wasn't tacky at all, before putting a piece of tissue over my leg and gently rubbing the product came off. It also states that it can be removed with water and a rag, so I'm not sure if water resistant is a truthful claim. I'm very sad to say that as much as I had high hopes for this product I cannot say I would recommend this product to anyone who needs any kind of major coverage like I do, or to anyone who spends as much time outside and around water as I do either.

I intend to try the Airbrush Face makeup in the near future, but I will be passing this sample on to someone who will get better use from it than I will. I'll let you guys know what I think of the Airbrush Face product when I have time to pick it up and try it.

Stay beautiful, Ladies!


New! From the Drugstore

So you guys all know that Loreal released their Lumi line recently. It was super exciting to finally see a product in the highlighting realm released by a drugstore brand. The price was a bit steeper than I had expected for the brand, but with a couple coupons to bring the price down I walked out of the local drugstore with both the True Match Lumi powder in Ice, and the Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer.

Now, I've probably said this a hundred times on my blog, but shimmer isn't usually my thing and this powder highlighter has a lot of it. But it's good to try things outside your comfort zone once in a while, and I have kept glitter and shimmer a t a distance for so many years that I figured maybe it's time I gave it another chance. So here I am, trying a shimmery highlight, and a glowy primer. I'm not sure if I'll use the primer all over the face, or if I will select a section of the face where it looks best, but I'm going to give it some different tries before I give up or, hopefully, fall in love with it. I'm not sure what undertone my skin is, but Ice is for cool undertoned skin, so I will have to see if the one that called to me was the right tone for me.

After a few weeks of testing, I'll give you my full opinion on both products, but I'll tell you now that my hopes are to see a nice dewy radiance in my skin that isn't shiny, or glittery looking. Since so many people rave about it, and it looks so great on my YouTube friends I'm hopeful I will enjoy it, but not every product works for everyone so I'm giving it my best go.

Live Life and Stay Beautiful.