Thursday, June 7, 2012

How I Do My Makeup: Tips From an Amateur Makeup Artist- Part One

Here are the rules at which I live by, some of them are more of personal rules, and other's are things I've picked up along my way and from friends:

1. Always buy oil-free lotion specified for facial use. A built in suncreen is also a nice idea to think about.

1. Before you prime, always moisturize. It will make all your makeup brighter, and help it blend into your skin easier create a flake free environment.
2. Primer is your best friend on a hot summer day. If you prime your makeup, it won't run when you sweat.
3. Buying an eyeshadow primer is a must. It helps prevent creases and fading of your makeup, and it will also add shine.

1. Buy a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone. It's useful for covering dark circles under your eyes as well as brightening up eyes and any other darker spots.
2. Investing in a second shade of darker concealer allows you to mix them if your skin tone changes slightly.
3. Never use a liquid concealer. They go on cakey and require much more blending than a stick concealer.

1. Always apply your foundation after your eye shadow to avoid fall out from your eyeshadow caking or smudging into your foundation if there's any on your skin.
2. A liquid foundation is better for your skin if you need heavier coverage to hide blemishes, scars or dark spots.
3. If you have oily skin you would be better off with a powder foundation, because it will help cut down on makeup run off.
4. A finishing powder is a nice addition to set your foundation, but it is not necessarily a must. It's an acceptable idea to reapply if you decide.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have any suggestions for stick concealer brands?