Sunday, March 1, 2015

One Goopy, Sticky Mess

My mom was sent a free gift with the Christmas present she bought me from Avon this past year. (Which I can discuss in another post for anyone interested.) Avon sent this lovely Extra Lasting Lip Gloss, which she added to my gift since she doesn't wear makeup. The color is gorgeous, but it's a very pinky red, which I wasn't really expecting when I looked at the color in the tube. In the tube it looked a bit more true red. The name is Always Apple. The smell of the product is kind of sweet, but definitely doesn't have a particular scent.
While it applied smoothly, I wasn't entirely happy when it began to dry on and felt a little like my lips were covered in a kind of tape. The other problem I have with the product is that while it is supposed to be long wearing, no amount of attempts can take it off of my face once it's on. I'm going to keep giving it a try here and there and see if I can make it work for me and actually begin to enjoy using it, but so far it's just a mess for me, because if I make a mistake I can't get it off and fix it, and it turns itself into a kind of "armor" on my lips the longer it stays on me, and gets kind of tacky as well. I'm not totally sold on the color on myself, but I keep trying to like it regardless.

Check back to see what happens, and as always Stay Beautiful!


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