Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pan That Product: Update #2

So it's been about two months since my last update, and surprisingly I haven't made nearly as much progress as I had expected to. I've done a pretty good job of using more of the products, but not much has been removed from the project since my last update.

I did finish the Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk sample and after a few uses of the Dr. Brandt Pores No More sample I decided it isn't really doing much for me and I will be tossing what's left in the bin since it was free and there isn't much left anyway.

In place of these items I decided to add my deluxe sample of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer. I find this to be a really great primer and it keeps my eye shadow in place all day, but I dislike the lack of color in the product because it doesn't cancel out any of the purple tones from my veins which can interfere with my shadow looks. I will enjoy using it since it works so well, but I will likely not repurchase it on it's own because of this reason. It's almost entirely full but it's only 5 grams of product so it should be easy enough to use up if I put my mind to it.

I have made some pretty good progress on the It Cosmetics mascara, however it's really hard to want to use it because every time I try I end up with clumps on my lashes and even on the bottom lash line where I have almost no lashes I end up with them all clumped together.There's no way to get them to spread back out, even with running a regular lash comb through them the clumps disappear but my lashes still sit together in chunks. Definitely not a repurchase once it's gone.

The lash primer is so hard for me, because it requires so much work to get it to look great. I feel like I would like this product so much more if it was black, or if it was a mascara and not a primer. It adds an extra step that I don't feel like I need because I have full and long lashes already. (I know, every woman's dream come true) With it being white it's hard to cover with mascara, and it almost always pokes through, I'm much more likely to wear falsies before putting this on anymore. I loved it when I first bought it and reviewed it years ago, but I have learned so much more about makeup since then, and have tried so much more as well. I think it's just time for this to hit the bin. Especially since it's over the 6 month mark anyway. Maybe I will try a black fiber mascara and see what I think later this year. (Let me know if you're interested in that.)

I've been using the liquid liner from Hard Candy and the Milani liner duo every day as my eye makeup I'd like to think I've made a lot of progress on both, but they appear to still be going strong. the worst part is that since it's a real wood pencil I can't even twist it up to see how much is left. Same goes for the liquid liner; I have no way to tell how much is left. Hopefully I finish them soon.

Since I've been making such good progress on the other two liners I think I will for the time being put aside the Avon green pencil liner as well as the Essence potted liner, and come back to them after I have finished the first set.

I carry the Bath and Body Works lip gloss and the Avon Moisture Therapy lip balm in my purse for touch ups on the go. I'm making a ton of progress on the lip balm since I reapply multiple times a day while I'm working to keep from getting chapped lips this winter. The gloss is a little harder to use up, but only because I don't like reapplying it as often throughout the day. The peach gloss is about halfway finished and I apply it more often for going out that for being at work because it tends to look better with a full face of makeup which I don't usually wear at the warehouse.  The lip balm is about two thirds finished, and the berry lip gloss is on it's way to being half done.

The taffy lip balm is on deck to be started as soon as the Moisture Therapy is finished up, which should be by the beginning of the new year. There's about a quarter of the balm left in the tube currently and I haven't been using it lately while I'm focusing on the other one.

Of the perfumes, the Michael Kors sample is going the best, because it is small it lives in my purse so I spray it throughout the day when I feel like I need a little bit of a pick me up. It's the perfect amount of sexy with a lightness that doesn't over do it for day time. My other perfume, the Imari Seduction one, is much more of a night time going out scent and hasn't had as much use since I haven't been out much lately. They are both about a quarter finished at the current moment, but the sample is only .03 oz compared to the .5 oz.

The illuminating primer from Loreal hasn't gotten much use, mostly because I still can't figure out how to wear it to make it work for me. I still find that it changes my foundation when I mix it with it, and I lose it on my skin when I try to apply it like a liquid highlighter. I've used up less than a fifth of the .68 oz bottle, and I still have no idea how to make it show up on me. Even when I apply it and don't put foundation over it the product is so subtle it is basically nonexistent. I'm not sure yet if I will finish this product or declutter it, but I am going to think on it until my next update at the end of the year and keep trying to figure it out.

The foundation has no progress, same with the two hair products (the serum from Paul Mitchell and the Garnier conditioner) as well as the hand lotion. The hand lotion got lost in the shuffle when I changed purses a few weeks ago and I haven't remembered to change over the rest of my products. I have been giving my hair a rest from products until I can get it dyed again and the deep conditioner lives at my man's house now so I don't get much chance to use it with our busy holiday work schedules, but I'll get back to it in a week or so when work calms down.

My Garnier gel lotion is packed away in a travel bag that got lost in the clutter with the busy last few months and I will have to dig it out, because I have made decent progress by using it every day and I hope to finish it by the end of the year by continuing to do so. I have about a third of the canister left, and it only holds 3 oz or product so I should make it through the last ounce in about a month at the most.

Stay Beautiful Ladies!


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