Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Thoughts on NYX Lip Primer and NYX Matte Lipstick

When I bought NYX's Lip Primer in Nude, I had heard it being raved about on YouTube by a few beauty bloggers I follow, and I decided that maybe I would give it a chance and see if it helps me cut down on the amount of times I have to fix my lipstick. I haven't gotten to try it with many of them yet, but the ones I did try it with so far gave me inconclusive results as to whether it works or not. I tried it first with my new lipstick from NYX which I will also review in a moment. Some people were complaining that the formula was tacky and kept lipstick from applying smoothly, but I had no problem with that myself, the lip primer went on smoothly, as did the lipstick. I will have to see though how other lipstick apply over it as time goes.

NYX's Matte Lipstick in Nude has a smooth application texture, and the finish is very matte, but my biggest issue is that this color is not at all the color I expected it to be when it said Nude. The color is so much more yellow-y tan than I had imagined and it looks like I'm applying a horribly mismatched color of concealer to my lips. I probably should have actually bought this in the store rather than ordering it online to save myself the trouble of not getting the right color, but they only had one nude shade, so I had assumed it would be a more versatile shade than it was... (You all know what Assuming does.)
Long story short: Pale Girls Beware.

Maybe I'll learn to love these products over time, or maybe not.
As always, Stay Beautiful!

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