Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Haircut and Product Sample Review

So I finally went and got a haircut yesterday at my local barber shop. Which sounds as weird to say as it probably does for you all to hear that I don't go to a salon instead. I've got really short hair so the guy at the shop pretty much just shaves the back down really short and then cuts the top until the hair doesn't get in my eyes when it's pulled forward (it sounds pretty boy-ish when I describe it, but it's really cute I promise).
It's a pretty versatile cut, I can style the top in just about any direction I want, and even with the back being so short I can still keep from having the same hairstyle every day, which was one of my issues with having long hair because I pretty much wore it the same way every day.

Anyway, to go with this new haircut I decided to try out a product sample I got last month in my purchase from Ulta.
I started out using it yesterday evening, and I'm already loving it.

Get Action Wax from a company called Matrix on their Design Pulse line of hair products.

It's a spray wax. Yes, a wax that sprays on like hairspray. I never thought I would find a wax that didn't require me to scoop out a bunch of goop and try to spread it evenly about in my hair. I've been unsuccessful with regular styling wax so often that I hardly ever bother anymore, but this product sample changed my mind. I'm going to be purchasing this product and using it every day until I decide to grow my hair out again.

It has great hold, it's definitely waxy, but it doesn't get hard and crispy over time. You can move the hair around and style it after it dries to some extent, though the product does hold in place enough that it's not going to fall flat quickly. It's minimally messy, and doesn't have any real type of smell that I've noticed (It's definitely not a bad smell, but I can't really smell any strong scent of any kind after I spray it).

I find it to be a bit of a downer that I have to buy their products through their site or through amazon. I figured Ulta sold them, since it was after all a free sample from their store, but this is not the case which I found a little misleading and made me grumpy. The only other not so great thing about it is that it seems a little more on the expensive side, but I'm willing to shell out a little extra money for a product that works as well as this one does.

Stay Beautiful!

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