Saturday, October 11, 2014

DIY Project: Makeup Palette

I undertook a giant project in hopes of downsizing the amount of space all the makeup I hoard will take up, without having to actually throw things away that I still find useful. I may not use the products every day, but I'm not ready to let them go just yet. So I decided that maybe my best bet was to pull all of the makeup pots out of their palettes and place them in a magnetic palette, much like the Z palettes you can buy.
This process was a lot harder than I expected in some cases... Some palettes are better constructed than others for sure. Depending on the type of glue and how much was used simply prying the pots out may or may not be your best option. A lot of the cheaper palettes I actually heated up with a lighter and softened the glue enough to pry it off the trays, but for the ones that didn't work for I had to use nail polish remover, or simply pry at the pots and hope for the best. I cracked a few shadows and bent a few trays, but I got them all out. The cracked ones may or may not stay in the same trays, a lot of them are sort of weird shaped (whoever decided it was a good idea to make triangle trays I hate you...).
The next part of the process involved building the palette base. I had started out putting magnets on the bottom of the pots themselves and putting them in a metal box, but realized that the actual Z palette brand has a magnet palette base and metal pots, so I quickly changed my plan and glued a magnet sheet to the bottom of my one plastic palette I wanted to use and stuck the few trays I had that were metal in it. I only did this because if I want to buy a Z palette at any time I want my pots to be compatible with it without any issue.
I have to figure out how I'm going to go about making the cheaper aluminum pots react to magnets. I thought about washers, metal paint like you put on the walls, buying a thin metal sheet, using magnets that will attract to the base, or simply just splurging on the little metal stickers from Z palette when I buy the empty trays to finish my potting adventure.
I still have a bunch of lipsticks, loose shadows, and cream eyeshadows that have to be potted into metal trays so that I can put them in the tray as well. I don't intend to put many of my lipsticks in the case, as I much prefer applying them from the bullets themselves, but there are a few that I hardly every apply that I figured might be better off as part of a palette rather than taking up space in a drawer or just sitting in my train case hoping that I remember they exist one day and using them.
I haven't tried the potting process for loose shadows or the melting process for lipsticks and cream shadows, but I will post a little blurb once I have time. I only have one empty pot at the moment so I have to wait for my Z palette pots to come in the mail before I can undertake this part of the process.

Hope this is helpful!
Have Fun and as always Stay Beautiful!

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