Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why I'm Over The Fit Me Foundation

If you've been reading for a while, you know that I used to be in love with this foundation. At one point I even owned a shade in each line. But, I'm totally over it. I ended up starting out with a warm toned shade from the matte line, which was 120, and it was far too warm for me. I wore it for a while, but I ended up either getting drier skin or finding out I had dry skin. The color laid very heavy on my skin and creased and made my skin look flat and ashy. I decided to try the dewy finish line in a cool toned shade, which I picked a shade lighter (115) thinking maybe 120 was too dark for me. However my problems continued, but in a different way... this one was too cool for my skin and gave me far too much of a pink coloring to my face. I used this one for a while too, because the finish of it is perfectly dewy and adds life to my skin. I'm a neutral tone, and after much trial and error I have figured that out. I will be purchasing a new foundation, and possibly hanging on to only the pink toned one for when I dye my hair back to red so I can have that rosy glow if I want it.

And I feel a little horrible about wasting 15 bucks by not using up both the foundations, but I'm perfectly willing to eat the cost of the yellow one and pass it along because I hate they way it looks on my skin. It almost made me look like I was sick, and I can't have that!

Stay Beautiful Loves, and always remember to be yourself.


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