Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My 'Unexpected Event' Kit

I have this little kit that I keep in my car with some items in it for those times when you get stuck somewhere overnight, something comes up out of the blue, or you just simply are in a rush and forget something important. I keep beauty items, lifestyle items, and even some health items in it along with a few things that are just useful . I'll make a detailed list below of what I keep in mine so you can use it to make a kit for yourself. My bag is big enough to hold everything I need, but also still small enough to fit under my drivers seat. Most of the products in this bag are small samples only good for one or two uses or one use testers. My kit isn't meant for daily use or for extended use like on trips, but it is useful for those unexpected nights away from home or impromptu plans with friends.

Along with this kit, I keep a bag in my trunk with a change of clothes I don't mind getting dirty in (in case changing tires or going under the car hood and getting greasy needs to happen), an outfit that looks a little dressy just in case I decide to go out and don't have time to go home and change, and in the winter I keep a couple of jackets and a pair of sweats in case extra layers are necessary to keep warm in emergencies.

Beauty Items
- Bobby Pins
- Tweezers
- Nail Clippers
- Body Lotion
- Face Lotion
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Body Wash
- Face Wash
- Deodorant
- Chapstick
- Cotton Pads/ Q-Tips
- Makeup Brushes
- Nail File
- Eyeliner
- Eyeshadow (Trial Card)

Lifestyle Items
- Hairbrush
- Hair tie (even though my hair is too short to need one)
- Mirror
- Tampons/Pads

Health Items
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Mouthwash
- Floss
- Hand Sanitizer
- Wet Naps

Useful Stuff
- Pen
- Pad of Sticky Notes
- A plastic card to clip my rings on if I take them off so I don't lose them
- Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

Other Useful Items in my Car
- Blankets
- Car Jumpstarter Cables
- Mini Generator/Air Compressor
- Car Jumper Box (because you don't need someone else's car to jump yours this way)
- Matches
- Hook Bungee Cables
- Pocket Knife
- Screwdrivers

I hope this is a helpful list of things that you might wish to put in an 'Unexpected Events' kit for your car to be prepared in any situation that my crop up.

Stay safe, Explore the World, and As always Stay Beautiful.

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