Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shimmer, Shine and Glow

Glow All the Way Ombre Blush in Sunburst

You guys know from reading many of my posts, as well as if you read my About Me page, that I'm extremely against glittery face products. However, this blush is kind of the bomb.

Yes... I just said that about an incredibly shiny product. One side of this product is a peachy yellow color, and the other is a nice pink color. Mixing the colors together gives you a gorgeous baby pink shimmer, but my favorite thing to do is wear the yellow as  a highlight, and place the mixed shades over my blush if I want a bit of shimmer over my typical matte blush.
I have used the darker pink on it's own and I do like the color of it, however I find that for spring/summer it adds a bit too much color to my face. I tend to prefer more subtle shades in the warmer months, and deeper cheeks in the colder ones. I do love the way this product as a whole wears. The shine is actually wonderful, because of how finely milled the powder is, and as a highlight the yellow tone really gives the face a lovely subtle glow. The products last all day and, as I've seen on myself at least, they don't smudge off or move around on the skin throughout the day.
This product is as good as any other higher end product I have tried, and if recommend everyone purchase this.

Shop smart and as always stay beautiful!

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