Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Better Than Falsies

Ladies, this product may be the best invention ever on a budget. The Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Primer is the most amazing thing I have ever tried. Don't like wearing false lashes on a daily basis, but need a little extra length and fullness? This stuff does the trick! I don't really even wear my falsies anymore after trying this product for the first time, except for if I want extra drama, or if I'm doing a photoshoot. I fell in love after one application.

The fibers attached easily and stayed adhered even with me touching my lashes once they were dry. Putting my regular mascara, CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion in Black, over this product covered it beautifully and didn't cause any of the fibers to fall off. This was the part I was most worried about, because I didn't know how well the fibers would adhere to my lashes, and I hoped that they wouldn't peel right off or slide around when the mascara wet them again. Since the primer and fibers are white in color I was very happy to see that my mascara covered them fully without any whiteness showing through.

The packaging looks a little cheap, which made me a little worried about the quality at first, but I have no complaints about this product so far. I love wearing this on a night out to give my lashes a bit more punch and flair. I have very thick and long lashes to begin with, so falsies often are a bit much when people are close up to me. I'm also able to wear this during the day without looking like I forgot to take my falsies off from the night before. I'm very happy to have found an affordable version of fiber lash extensions in the drugstore that work as well as I have heard the high end brands do.

You have got to go out and grab this product. You will not be sorry!

Get them glam lashes on, get out there and have a blast, and as always Stay Beautiful.

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