Thursday, September 11, 2014

NYX Matte Blush Review

I decided today was a wonderful opportunity to try out the new NYX blush that I got in my giant haul. I purchased the Matte Blush in Cinnamon, which is a lovely coral-orange shade. It's perfect for my pale skin in the summer to just give me a beautiful warm glow without being overpowering like a lot of the blushes I own. The pigmentation is also crazy great so I find it lovely for the summer because I don't have to pack a bunch of powder on when it's hot out to look like I actually have some color. It's very light and airy and the color stays nicely even after hours walking and sweating in the hot sun. The fact that it's a matte is appealing to me because I dislike makeup products with a lot of shimmer in them especially when putting them on my face because I feel as though the shimmer reflects too much sunlight and makes me look shiny, but this product doesn't have that problem for me. I will continue buying this product for as long as NYX makes it and if they ever stop I'm going to stock pile it before it's gone because I love, Love, LOVE this blush so much! I actually feel like I look a little tanner with is on than before applying it.

I pretty much only apply this product to the apples of the cheeks and then occasionally blend it a little out and up following the curve of the face. I rarely ever blend it up but it's a nice touch when I blend it in with the color of my bronzer slightly to give the bronzer an orange hue sometimes right near the cheeks, which helps give it a warmer tone since my bronzing choice is a matte brown (it came with a shimmer which I occasionally place sparingly in certain spots). Then, I use a highlighter (which surprisingly has that shimmer in it I dislike so greatly) and lightly contour the rest of the face.

I'll try to actually start posting pictures as to how I apply my products as well, but I'm still working out the best place to take pictures and film videos. Maybe I will get the Youtube channel running before the end of the year. (Or maybe a New Year's resolution has been found?)

Summary: LOVE this product till the end of time itself! I recommend it to everybody everywhere!

Stay beautiful everybody!

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