Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Influenster VIP Mailer

I received an envelope this month from Influenster for my reviewing purposes with two foil packet samples of Tresemme's new hair care line Beauty-Full volume. This is the product where you use the conditioner first and the shampoo last to avoid weighing down your hair. I saw a commercial for this the other week and was really excited to try it so to be getting a few samples of it to test out first is pretty awesome. Especially free through Influenster because I am one of their very active reviewers.


Remember, although these products are sent to me for free I am giving my honest review and opinion of the products. Just because a company sends me a product for free does not mean it will necessarily get a positive review or become a holy grail product. Complimentary samples and Vox Boxes sent by Influenster or any other company will not be given any special treatment in my reviews simply because they were sent free of purchase.

I was really excited to hear I had been sent this product mailer, as it was something I was dying to try. I have somewhat oily hair and it is often hard for me to find products that are able to combat that without leaving my hair flat and dull. I have in the past used my conditioner before my shampoo in order to still have soft hair without any extra weight pulling on my hair, but I was curious to try something that was formulated to work this way on purpose. I received two sample packet sets containing one conditioner and one shampoo.

I used both sets on a weekend trip (one of my travel hacks for minimizing what's in my bags) and I fell in love with it. I will need to try the bottles to see how it affects my hair over a longer period of time, but the instant effects of it were amazing. It left my hair feeling clean and oil-free without making it crunchy or dry. It also didn't weigh my hair down and left it with more volume at the roots than I am used to having after air-drying my hair.

What really amazed me was that I could go a few days without washing my hair without it feeling greasy or falling extremely flat. I find it hard to get hair products that help prevent my hair from feeling greasy and oily when I'm on second day hair. I washed my hair again on the third day, but it still felt wonderful and didn't seem to need to be washed because it hadn't collected any oil or greasy feeling.

Also, for my super-sensitive skin ladies (like me!) this didn't irritate my skin, which is something I rarely come across with shampoo and conditioner, but it has happened in my past experiences and I'm sure it will again at some point.

This is definitely my next shampoo and conditioner purchase after I get through the few open ones I have.

Happy Autumn Everyone.
Keep warm, Be nice, and Stay Beautiful!

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