Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pan That Product!

I've done some soul searching, and it's just time to start making some products move out of my collection. Not necessarily by giving them away, but by actually using them. This winter, I plan to use up, or at least use daily all of the products below in order to determine how I feel about them, and to get the use I should out of them before they go bad.

Hard candy liquid liner: not all that good, but not horrible, want to finish so I can go back to my favorite.

Color trend peach lip gloss: getting old, love the color and formula but it may go bad at any moment. Have a very similar color as a backup ready to open.

Imari seduction perfume: small travel bottle, good scent but not a favorite. Bought a long time ago when trying to find a scent I liked.

Vitabath Spring green hand lotion: been around for a while, half gone or more, trying to use up before it goes bad and open a newer product.

Josie maran pure argan milk sample: trying to use up and maybe purchase a full size to use after my hyaluronic moisturizer.

Dr Brandt pores no more sample: unsure how I feel it works but want to use it more to form opinion and determine if I should repurchase.

MUA lipgloss in baby pink: not the kind of color I expected it to be, looking forward to it being gone. Love the formula, just too pale and Barbie pink for me.

Essence gel liner in 01 midnight in Paris: love it, getting old though.

Loreal Magic lumi primer: not my favorite but I can't bring myself to give it away or bin it.

Milani black magic liner duo: can't even tell you how old this is, love the colors so much I can't bring myself to bin it so I have to use it up. Black side, silver glitter side. Want to use up the black side at 

Hard candy 1,000 lashes fiber primer: it's pretty good, I don't use it a lot, but the expiration is quickly approaching so I want more use out of it before it goes bad. Also have a Dior sample I'm eager to try but I don't want two of the same thing open at a time.

Avon moisture therapy intensive healing and repair balm: I have two new ones, and it's about halfway done. With winter coming it's important to remember to Chapstick in order to avoid chapped rough lips so I'm starting the habit now.

Burt's bees lip shimmer in watermelon: it's millimeters from being gone, and I have a full one on deck that a friend gave me when they found out they couldn't wear it. Time to use it up!

Avon taffy lip balm: it's my favorite scent ever, I haven't found it anywhere else. I'm almost sad to see it go, but if I don't use it up it could turn at any moment because I've had it for so long I can't even remember when I got it. The scent reminds me of lemon lime candies and was given to me by my grandmother so it's hard to let it go but it's time to get it going. Might save the container and depot other balms into it because it's cute and has sentimental value.

Paul Mitchell super skinny serum: love this and it's lasted YEARS, it's almost gone and I have a few new products I'm ready to try so I have to finish it off.

Garnier deep conditioner: love how soft it makes my hair, never saw much anti-frizz action from it though. Have a new deep conditioner to try out next and I'm on my last bottle of this one.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush mousse foundation in 030 nude: I don't think they even sell this anymore, but I think it's still safe for use because it's in a pressurized spray can so it has no contact with air until it comes out the nozzle. I gave this foundation a lot of flack in the past for the "photo reactive pigments" it contained because it was essentially micro glitter. But now with dewy primers and backlighting primers being all the rage I gave this foundation another try, because I used to use it in my modeling kit for its gorgeous finish in flash photos but hated how it looked up close because you can see the glitter. It's a half shade too dark and slightly too golden, but my dry skin appreciates the use of less products on top of each other and also how much life this foundation gives me. Wish I had a few more cans!

Garnier gel moisturizer: I liked it for a long time, but ever since the beauty 360 hyaluronic moisturizer came along I have been using nothing but that, and this just doesn't make my skin feel as amazing and hydrated as I once thought it did. The beauty 360 one is a store brand version of the neutrogena hydraboost moisturizer, though it's only a few dollars cheaper.

Lab Series for Men Age-less skin cream deluxe sample: Ulta sent me this a long time ago as a sample in an online order. Originally I was averse to trying it because it's for men, but I opened it a while back because I was in a pinch and had it in an emergency beauty kit in my car, and it's really nothing to be mad at. It was a little hard to get the product started but now it's completely fine. I just want to use it up because it's a small sample jar and I have other things I prefer and readily purchase for my skin.

Bonus product: I'm not actually trying to fully pan this item, just get a lot of use out of it because I have never worn it and have had it for as long as I can remember. Avon glimmersticks eyeliner in g71 emerald glow from the diamonds line.

This will likely become a rolling project until I have made my way through all of the products I need to get rid of.
Most of my lip gloss: starting to get old if they aren't already, so need to be used up before they go bad. Not a big lip gloss wearer now that liquid lipsticks have come out so I need to move through them in order to make room for things I enjoy more. (I have a few lip glosses I enjoy and will repurchase, but not many)
Colored eyeliners: I don't use them, but I have a ton I bought thinking they'd look cool, I don't reach for a colored liner ever just straight black or white. I won't b buying any more, but I will be trying to work my way through the ones I have.

Stay warm and beautiful,

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