Sunday, October 23, 2016

BONUS POST: Let's Talk About My Trash!

About monthly I clean out my makeup and skincare to make sure nothing is getting lost in the shuffle, getting old and expiring, or just hanging around because I haven't liked it. This series is going to be a look into what gets the bin every month, if there is anything. There's three types of products in this series that get the bin for different reasons. 1 they're horrible and I can't think of giving them to someone else, 2 they're old and/or have gone off, 3 I finished them.

Category one
H&m mini nail polish in Go lemon- This applies streaky and uneven and is impossible to even out even with multiple coats.... And even better is the fact that it never dries fully. The brush is so small and the formula is so thin that it can't build the color up to be even or opaque. It might have been a dud and been old since it was on clearance, but I will be thinking twice before purchasing something like that again.

Blistex Spa Effects Renewing Lip Balm- I don't know what happened to this one, but it seems like it may have melted or something. I opened it to use it the other day and it had shrunk off the sides of the tube. It still smells fine, but it oozes liquid that I assume is the product out the bottom where the dial to roll more product up is. I don't feel comfortable using it, and I definitely don't want to give it to someone. I may buy a new one, but I don't know if it will happen again.

Half item: I used the Sensationail false nails from Walmart because I found them and they were these really cute matte black nails with gold designs. They had self stick tabs on them, which should have been my first warning sign, they never work well for me. But I went ahead anyway, and they lasted about an hour before they started to pop up. So I glued them down with nail glue, and they lasted about another 18 hours... When they claimed to last one to two weeks. I wouldn't pass these on to someone if I could, despite how cute they are.

Category two:
Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment- I've been slim on the breakouts lately now that I know what makes my skin irritated and pay closer attention to what I buy, so I hadn't had a need for this in a while anyway. The tube at one point cracked so I depotted it into a screw top jar for safe keeping. But it seems to have turned bad because it has dried up and shrunk in the canister, so it gets the bin but I might repurchase if I start breaking out again since I loved this product so much before.

Maybelline Wet Shine Liquid Vinyl in Shiny Strawberry- This is one of the first makeup items I ever bought myself, and I don't honestly know if I ever wore it out of the house. It doesn't particularly smell as if it's gone off, but I'm assuming based on the sheer number of years I've had it that it likely has. I'll also never wear it ever again, but feel uncomfortable giving it away to anyone based on how old it is and the fact it could potentially be expired.

Little mad about this one: Wet n Wild Mega Slicks lip gloss in In a Tutu- This isn't even a year old, but it smells completely disgusting and different than all my other Wet n Wild glosses, I probably never would have worn it anyway, but there's no reason it should have gone off this soon considering I've never worn it and I've only opened it one time before today, but at least it was a cheap, drugstore brand and not something expensive.

Category 3/ basically used up but gone off:
Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleansing cloths- I had a travel size of these for vacation and they were alright. They were very moist, but couldn't remove all of my makeup or really even as much as my usual baby wipes. They felt nice on my skin and didn't cause any irritation which was wonderful and was the reason I picked them for the trip since I was going to be in photos and not have a whole face of makeup to cover up any issues. They wouldn't be my first choice again, but if I can't find my travel size baby wipes I might consider getting them again in a pinch.

Maybelline Express Finish base and top coat for nails- I've basically it used up, the brush barely touches the product. This was my ride or die top coat for a long time, but it's finally gotten to a point where it doesn't dry completely anymore, so it's time to crack open a new bottle and give this one the bin.

Bath and body works pocket bac in warm vanilla sugar- This scent is my life, and I almost emptied this bottle, but it got lost in my rotation and now is far more liquid-y than it used to be, and I hesitate to use it in case that means it's gone off or changed and will irritate my skin. I will definitely get another one if I can find it.

Enjoy shampoo and conditioner sample- I love the way this smells, and it was a pretty good duo, but I don't know where to buy it or how much it costs, and as much as I enjoyed it, I love my current full sized products so much I wouldn't replace them anyway. This was good for travel, but it's hard to get more out of the bottles and the shampoo also separated, which has turned me completely off to using it even if I can get more out. Surrendered to the bin.

Gilchrist and Soames White tea body lotion- This was just a hotel bottle size, but it lasted so long and smelled so light and refreshing. I loved it for so long, and I'm actually sad to see it go. It was so lightweight and fast absorbing, leaving my skin moist but not gooey or sticky. The fragrance didn't irritate my skin and my pores didn't end up clogged. If I can find it I will repurchase for sure.

              update: this brand is only sold to hotels and I can't find the scent anywhere. 

Avon Cucumber Melon Hand Sanitizer: This tube is huge and I finally finished one of them. I have one more left, and I think I'll probably put it in my car for use to get the most use out of it and get it moving on before it goes bad since it's my oldest hand sanitizer. I loved it for a long time, but having discovered the small bottles from Bath and Body Works which are more purse friendly and come in many more scents these big bottles go unused in my collection.

Stay Beautiful Ladies!

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