Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shoe Declutter!

As I said in my first declutter post, clothes, shoes, and accessories are the hardest thing for me to get rid of, and the easiest thing for me to buy or get from friends. I have a real soft spot for cute and unique shoes though. So I started out with 52 pairs of shoes, because I've been collecting them up for years. Some have been used and abused, others are still like new, some are even almost brand new.

Now I didn't have high hopes for this one because I am obsessed with shoes, but I went ahead and started pulling. I have 4 drawer sets in my closet with 3 drawers a piece. Each drawer has a specific type of shoe in it so I just dove in. One side of the closet is dressy shoes and the other side is my more practical work shoes and sneakers. The first drawer I opened was my flats, and I have so many now that they didn't fit in the drawer anymore, so I knew something had to go. I immediately grabbed a pair I knew were too small. Despite them being the cutest red leopard printed flats I had ever seen and knowing that I love them and would squeeze my feet into them until I died if I could, I let them go. I can find something else in the right size that I love just as much. Next, I grabbed for a pair of pink pointed toe flats that I had never worn. When I put them on they didn't fit comfortably and the toe area felt very tight despite the fact that I have skinny feet already, so I put them in a pile for donation. Finally from that drawer I grabbed a white snakeskin pair of flats I hadn't worn in years, because they completely destroy my feet. They have this weird curve to them that bends them into a U shape so when you put them on you have to force them flat with your foot, and it gives me foot pain and blisters every time I wear them. I have another pair of white flats that I love so I don't need these ones anymore.
I moved to the next drawer and though I picked out a pair of purple ankle boots, I was unable to let go of any items in that drawer. the next two drawers are full of my favorite heels that I reach for on a weekly basis, so I looked through them, but left them all alone. Next up was a drawer full of super high heels that I actually loved, but can't wear anymore because of a problem with my knees, so I pulled all three pairs for donation. The bottom drawer had my knee high boots with heels in it, and though I opened the drawer I wear them a lot during the fall and winter and was unwilling to part with any of the three pairs.

On the other side things were a lot harder to part with. I didn't part with anything in my sneaker drawers. I am keeping both pairs of my knee high boots that are flat, except the one pair is getting a little tight in the calves so once I find a suitable replacement I will be donating those as well. I tried to get rid of a pair of ankle boots, but after trying them on I fell back in love with them and they are so unique I know I will never find something like them ever again. I had a pair of sneakers a friend of mine gave me that I was wearing to work, and I decided to pull them out of my car and donate them because they are slightly too small and they make a loud screeching noise when I walk on the concrete floors at my work.

Not so successful this time since I only got rid of 7 almost 8 items, but as I refine what I want my style to be I will surely give up more shoes to make room for new things.

Stay tuned to see what's next!

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