Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm an Influenster!

I joined today after hearing about it from one of the beauty bloggers I follow on YouTube. It is an amazing way to put my opinion out there about all of the products I use in my daily life, outside of just beauty products. I've had so much fun already, and I've only been on the site for two hours. You can comment on stores, brands, specific flavors/colors. It's a great way for opinionated consumers to get their opinions heard. It's free to join, and you don't need an invitation. You can earn rewards, in a sense, simply for you honest opinions on products you purchase all the time.
Every month or so, the company chooses a group of site users, and sends them a gift box of items that they can review. You don't get chosen every time, but you can get good stuff from it for your hard work. This site is by no means something you sign up to do if you don't enjoy giving your opinion on products, because you don't get paid to do it, but you do get rewards like promo codes to get money off of items you shop for and other small things like that, but this is not a check in the mail every month site.

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