Sunday, November 2, 2014

Super Cool News

I've been slowly working on prying all of my eye shadow pans out of their singles and small palettes. I pulled a few face powders out a couple days ago that have really big pans, 2.5 inches roughly compared to the 1 inch Zpalette pans that you can purchase online. And when I searched for larger pans they didn't exist, so I decided that I would shoot customer service at Zpalette an email. It went along the lines of this:

I noticed today while shopping on your site that you guys only make eye shadow pans for putting in your palettes. As someone who has a lot of loose face powders I'm looking to pot and put in palettes I thought I might bring this up with you guys and offer the suggestion that making foundation and blush sized pans would be a cool thing. I would love to get a bunch of them, however it seems they are not being made by anyone yet. I love having the ability to change out my colors and customize my palettes, but I currently have no way of putting these loose powders into pans so I can add them to the palette. I know you guys probably get suggestions from your customers all the time, and it's hard to keep up with all of them and make everybody happy. I love your products, and look forward to maybe hearing back from you guys at some point!

And they actually responded within about 48 hours. They thanked me for my suggestion and told me they would take the idea into consideration in the future. Which is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. I don't often have ideas that haven't been done before, so it was pretty cool to feel like I came up with something useful. And just the fact that they even responded at all made me feel quite amazing.

Along with this email they also said they would be releasing a product in the near future to allow Zpalette users to put loose pigments in their palettes. Which is also pretty awesome because I was deciding if potting all my pigments was a task I'm willing to undertake, and I might just wait until this product is released instead.

Thanks for listening Zpalette. You get an A+ for customer service and all around politeness from me!

Stay beautiful everybody. BNB

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