Thursday, November 20, 2014

Beauty Product Wants

As Christmas is coming and I'm making a list for my family of things that I would want for our family gift-giving I'm noticing it's mostly makeup products. I'm not expecting most of my family to be buying them for me, but it's become a hobby of mine to find products to play up my edgy style, while playing with color.

1. I'm in love with bold, bright colors, so finding the Sleek makeup palette in V1 was awesome, they're all matte finishes (if you've read most of my posts you know this excites me because I dislike glitter with a passion), and the bold neons are a must have for me.
2. I saw the Intense Pro Palette in Earth from Mehron, and I instantly fell in love with it. The swatches of the colors looked gorgeous. This palette is a must have for my coming independent photoshoot (which I will be sure to post some photos if I can get my hands on a good one) where I'll be doing a Native American war paint inspired makeup. This palette is more mattes, which are something I'm always looking to get more of, because it's often hard to find only mattes.
3. I found a single person selling MAC's Ombre Blush in Vintage Grape, which I've wanted since the day I saw it launch, but I've never had the kind of money necessary to spend on it until recently. I'm so happy to see it still exist, This could be the perfect edgy, unexpected blush color for my skin. But, since it was limited edition, I only have one shot at it on the internet for way higher of a price than I think it originally costed, buuuuut... I think I'm pretty hooked and willing to splurge.

These are the things I want the most. A lot of the new palettes coming out these days don't excite me because I have the colors already, but this stuff caught my eye!

Stay beautiful!

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