Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Take it Back!

Ok NYX, you remember how I bashed your matte lipstick in Nude a while back?

Well I was wrong...

Though the first time I used it it was kind of chalky looking and an unpleasant tan color, I recently tried it again assuming I would confirm my suspicion that this was not the lipstick I'd been hoping for. AND I LOVED IT! I don't know why the color was so tan on my first try, or why it was too chalky (ok, this one I have my suspicions) but it was a beautiful color maybe one shade darker than my skintone (And I'm a pale little girl, so Kudos to you guys) and there was no sign of chalky or graininess anywhere to be found. I am so excited to wear this out with a gorgeous bold eye look. I was so excited in fact that I threw away the concealer I had been using as a nude lipstick.

That's right... The concealer I've used for YEARS as a nude lipstick has LEFT THE BUILDING!

Now as for my suspicions about the chalky texture... I started obsessively using my moisturizing lip balm again a few weeks ago, which may have contributed to removing the weird texture because I have heard a lot of other gurus say that using matte lipstick on dry lips shows all the cracks and dry loose skin very easily and can look chalky and weird if you are not careful to exfoliate or moisturize well. Hopefully the texture stays as gorgeous as it is now, I love it so much and I can't wait to start wearing it out all the time. This may be a holy grail product for me. Let me know if you're interested in the posting of my list of holy grail beauty products.

I'm planning on picking up two more shades from this line as soon as Ulta has them in stock. If you want to know what my next shade purchases are leave comments below or send me an email.

I may also be posting a list of the products I would kill to own if that is of interest to anyone. Let me know what you guys want to see posted next!

Stay warm and cozy, kids!

And as always, Stay Beautiful.

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