Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello Lashes!... Or not?

So let's start here, I have both long and thick lashes naturally so I don't need something capable of massive amounts of drama for a daily basis. Some mascaras give me too much length and can't hold a curl for any period of time, however others clump my lashes together to simulate volume and instead cause me to look spidery instead. But my biggest problem with a lot of mascaras? They feel tacky and my lashes stick together every time I blink. It drives me crazy to feel like I need to pull my lashes apart or separate my top and bottom lashes with my finger nails in order to be able to see. Not to mention the fact that messing with my lashes often makes them start to flake and crumble. I have a terrible time with mascara and I have so far found only two that I enjoy and cause me almost no headaches.

I wanted to love this mascara... but I'm so glad I bought the travel size first to try it before paying the price for the full size. This mascara's wand causes clumps like no other, and once the clumping starts the wand can't fix it no matter what angle you hold it at. Even the spikey ball tip on the end can't fix them. And even worse, the ball tip is completely useless for my lower lashes and the rest of the wand is basically the same. I get no real coverage on my lashes, especially on my thin lower lashes no matter how much I try, unless you count the chunks of dried mascara I seem to be getting out of the tube.

Either I got a massive dud, or this product is not at all what it's marketed to be. I haven't heard many people talk about this mascara, and maybe this is why.

If you've had good luck with this product leave me some advice on how to use it.


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