Thursday, January 12, 2017

Completion of the Closet Declutter!

The results of my entire wardrobe declutter are actually quite amazing. In total, I've downsized my clothing and accessories by about one third of the original amount, being mindful of my size and shape as well as my age and what style of clothing I typically wear. This process forced me to be honest with myself about the things I own in regards to what I've worn and not worn, how often I've worn it, when the last time I remember wearing it, and whether I'll ever wear it again. Often pieces survived in the pile multiple times, only to be gotten rid of after more thought was put into the process; things like will I take it if I move, would I miss it if it was destroyed tomorrow, would I repurchase it if I lost it. This is pretty much how I did all of my belongings because if I don't have an attachment to it, and I won't miss it then I don't necessarily need it. The exceptions to this are things like art supplies and special occasion clothing. I also kept pretty much all of my previous housewares, assuming that when I move out again I will have nothing but those and it will save me from having to purchase a lot of things in order to function on my own.

I loosely based my decluttering on the KonMari methond, using the idea that if it doesn't bring me joy I don't need it, but if something served a purpose to me I had no need to get rid of things just to get rid of them. My biggest addition to this method was creating a pile of clothing that brought me joy and I would consider keeping if they still fit me properly, since I had gained a decent amount of weight in the last year or so. Under KonMari you are not supposed to try on anything but go on gut feelings alone, but for me I had to check a good bit of my gut feelings against my physical size to make sure I wasn't keeping things I couldn't wear.

I still go through my closet about once every two months just to make sure things are being taken out if I notice I haven't worn them or my preferences have changed regarding particular items. In the last 6 months about 3 more grocery bags of clothing I don't have any desire to keep has gone to donation!

Stay Beautiful and Keep Tidy, Ladies.


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