Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Body Shop Sample Review

Back when I bought my haul from Ulta, one of the product samples they sent me was from The Body Shop. I was really excited to try this sample, since I hardly buy luxury beauty products regardless of the fantastic reviews I hear about them. I was sent The Body Shop's Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. Sadly, this one disappointed me... I wanted so badly to fall in love with it, but I just couldn't.
And here's why!

I had several really big compliments to give this product:

  • The formula was gorgeously light and pigmented.
  • The company doesn't use tons of chemicals in their products.
  • The products are not tested on animals.
However, I had two huge problems with this product when I tried it:
  • The smell of this product was extremely overpowering (and it didn't go away after it set on my skin) Even though the company doesn't use harsh chemicals in their products the smell was extremely chemical-like.
  • It seemed very fluid, and kind of streaked down my face when I applied it and I had to keep buffing it in until it was set on my skin.

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