Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be a Little Mouthy

I recently came across a lipstick that I would have loved to own. I never thought I would look good with a pair of blatantly teal-green pair of lips on my face, but upon further investigation into the idea I found that I have a certain unexplainable love for random colored lipsticks.

You might be wondering why I said I would have loved to own it.
That's right, I did not buy it.

I found a way to make my own, much cheaper, and more convenient one with things I already had in my makeup box. (It's overflowing with all sorts of goodies, and I will probably never be able to use them all up.)

Don't get me wrong, if you can convince yourself that spending $26 on a single tube of lipstick is a valuable investment, by all means go ahead and buy it. Everyone I have spoken to has been happy with the brand (Illamasqua), but I simply cannot fathom spending that much money on any one item. Maybe it's the bargain shopper in me, but that seems like an investment better made into a new pair of shoes or something else that can become a staple item in any wardrobe.

But while the bargain hunter refuses to release her hold on my wallet, I found a way around the price. This idea is not for the traditionalist, so beware that some of you may want to slap me for what I have just done.  My way around this whole problem was to break out my ELF 144 piece palette and find a teal-green eyeshadow. I then applied Burt's Bee's chapstick as a base to give the powder something to adhere to. Apply the green as a liner first, and then fill it in after you have drawn the shape you want. It's a bit difficult to cover the edges the first time you try, but you just have to mess with it until there is no green showing. If you have darker lips or have a hard time covering everything, it may be easier for you to cover your lips first with a concealer stick first, then begin with the chapstick and the green powder.

This is also possible for almost any color you can imagine. Just remember, the lighter the color is that you intend to use the more you have to lighten your lips with concealer first.

And as always, Be a little mouthy, and Have a little fun. Stick out and Get noticed.

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