Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Makeup Tips: Part Two

Blush and Bronzer:
1. Buying a contouring blush kit not only gives you the option to experiment with contouring, but it also gives you three shades of blush to mix and match for your ideal look.
2. Using a bronzer should be a daily addition to your foundation in the summer, and if you need that "just off the beach" tan use it every day of the year.
3. Your bronzer should be applied to your temples, underneath your cheek bones, and across the crease of your chin blending out into your jawline.

1. Use a liquid or gel liner on your upper lid. It allows for more control of the thickness and dries on to avoid smudging on your crease and eyelid.
2. When buying a liquid eyeliner, buy one with a brush, not a foam or felt tip applicator. The brush type does not dry out as you begin to run out of liner, as I have found that the foam and felt tips do.
3. Lining your upper waterline is a challenging feat, but it makes your lashes look darker and may give you the option not to wear mascara during the day. Or you can add the mascara with the liner to get an even bolder look.
4. Line the outside edge of your lower waterline and smudge it into the edge of your lower lashes, try to keep from lining too far back, as it will just simply end up in your tear duct after you blink a few times.
5. Using a red liner around your eyes, just peeking out between your eye and your actual liner, attracts attention to your eyes, and makes the color of your iris stand out.
6. Using a white eyeliner in the inside corner of your eye around the edge of your tear duct and lightly swept below your eye will counteract dark circles and make you appear more awake.

1. Always use a gradient of shadows, never just one solid color all over. A gradient adds dimension to your eyes.
2. Extending  your shadow beyond the crease of your eye elongates the shape of your eyes.
3. Use the brightest/lightest shade of eyeshadow on the inner third of your eyelid. Cover the last two thirds with a medium shade, and shade the outer corner and crease in with the darkest shade of your color palette.

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