Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Be Gone! - The Lip Pampering Color Removing Savior

I love wearing liquid lipsticks, but I hate having to take them off. It's often a hassle and requires a lot of scrubbing, even when using an oil based makeup remover, which is said to be the best way to do it. That often ends in a lot of irritation to the lips and makes even wearing the products a hassle.

Nyx came out with a lip color removing gel named with gusto. It claims to condition and pamper while removing long-lasting lip color.

I find that this product stick true to it's name, It removes even my toughest colors with minimal staining from the liquid lip color. the product itself is quite thick and you have to squeeze it hard to get the product out, but it's well worth it for the actual effectiveness of it. It comes in a lipgloss squeeze tube with mattefied white and black packaging. There's none of that fuzzy stuff on the nib, which I think is great for cleanliness and sanitation since the fuzz tends to lock in color as well as germs. I personally apply this product to my lips with a cotton bud or my finger and the spread it out some before rubbing my lips together. I tend to leave it sitting for a few minutes while I remove the rest of my makeup to allow it to penetrate through the color and my lips. To remove both the color and the remover, I fold a tissue in fourths and rub it between my lips and then use a cotton pad covered in makeup remover to help remove the remnants of the product.

The name of this product speaks true to its purpose: Be Gone!
And it definitely does just that.

I will definitely always have this product on hand when liquid lipstick is at play!

Stay Beautiful Ladies!

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