Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stila In The Light Palette

I've had a sample swatch set of this palette sitting on my desk for probably years and I finally moved it into the "Use it or Lose it" bin I have on the edge of the desk. With how beautiful and amazing quality Stila shadows have been said to be you may be wondering why it went that way. You probably think I should have been eager to try it, I know I always thought that. But still every day I reached past it for other things until it hit me... I find the colors rather uninspiring because it's just another neutral palette to me. I have a warm neutral palette and a cool neutral palette and that's about all I really need unless it inspires me.
Well, I finally swatched them, and while still uninspired by the color selection I can honestly say that if I had to pick one shade to purchase it would either be kitten or sunset and I might even consider luster if it was an option,but all  together this palette isn't something I need in my life until I use up some of what I have already.

Hope I was a little helpful, but there wasn't much shadow to play with on the samples.
Stay Beautiful!

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